3D Animation & VFX


Tilman Vogt (Germany) 2015

Felini - Internet Short Films

My task: Complete creation of the cat, including hair.


Electric Theatre Collective (London, UK) 2015

FreeView - Commercial

My task: Retopologizing Zbrush sketches + UVs.


Chimney Group (Frankfurt, Germany) 2015

Pettersson and Findus 2 - Feature Film

My task: CG landscape modelling, texturing and lighting.


Trixter (Munich, Germany) 2015

DEUX EX MACHINA - Feature Film

My task: CG modelling and sculpting of various rats.


Fin Design (Hong Kong) 2015

Car and Knight Commercial

My task: Modelling and Displacement work.


Rise FX (Berlin, Germany) 2014

A Hologram for the King (2015)- Feature Film

My task: CG modelling and texturing of a key Building.


Rise FX (Berlin, Germany) 2014

CG Sabre Tooth Tiger (Smilodon) - Commercial

My task: Complete character creation and rendering.


Farm Studios (Boren, Germany) 2014

CG Baby Digital Double - Film Pitch

My task: Creating a CG baby for a film pitch.


Electric Theatre (London, UK) 2013

Wacky Racers' CG cars for Peugeot Ad - TV commercial

My task: Modelling vehicles.


Rise FX (Berlin, Germany) 2012

Arles Hall - Art Display

My task: Modelling St.Peters Square in Rome as it was 500 years ago.


Animation Invasion (Copenhagen) 2012

Aztec Statue - Commercial

My task: Modelling, Mudbox Painting, Shaders, Textures of the statue (MR).


The Animation Workshop 2012

The Animation Workshop - Teaching

My task: Teaching the 3rd year Bachelors students advanced lighting, shading and rendering in Vray.


Pixomondo (Frankfurt) 2012

Terra X - TV Show

My task: Modelling, Texturing and shading a snake and fish for vray rendering.


A.Film (Copenhagen) 2012

Olsen Gang 2 - In Deep Trouble - Feature Film

My task: Modelling Characters and Vehicles.


Mark 13 (Stuttgart, Germany) 2011

Ritter Rost - Feature Film

My task: Supervisor for the Modelling department and modeller of the main characters.


Rise FX (Berlin, Germany) 2011

Borgia - TV Series

My task: Modelling St.Peters Square in Rome as it was 500 years ago.


Rise FX (Berlin, Germany) 2010

The Sinking of the Laconia- TV/DVD Film

My task: Improving the texturing and shading on a b24 Bomber plane. Lighting the b24 for many flight shots. Lighting of the Laconia ship in a number of shots also with additional modelling and texturing for close-ups.


Punchin Pictures (Munich) 2010

Der Feind im Schatten 'Wallander' (2010) - Cinema Ad -

My task: Creating the underwater environment, improving the texturing and shading on the bought boat and the lighting and effects.


Farm Studios (Boren, Germany) 2009 - 2010

Das zweite Wunder von Loch Ness - TV/DVD Film

My task: Creating all the 3D characters for the film, Oki, Opa and Nessie. I created the models, UVs, textures, and shaders for all characters.


Fish Blowing Bubbles (Munich) 2008 - 2009

Tod aus der Tiefe - TV/DVD Film
My task: Creating large scale detailed landscapes including a gorge and caves for the underwater sequence of the film.

'3' Handy Netz- A2 sized poster
My task: Taking a 3D render of a chainsaw into Photoshop and painting and composing images to make it look old and rusty.

Kim Kaboom - TV series
My task: Modeling/texturing/Zbrushing cartoon characters.



3D Characters (Munich) 2008

Lotto Hamburg - 8k Poster
My task: Creating 3D Hair for the Character with XSI hair.



Punchin Pictures (Munich) 2008

Medion Fly - Commercial
My task: Create solo in 5 days Model/Zbrush displacement/Textures/Shaders for a photo-real fly that would land on a laptop to dwarf the scale of the laptop (Implying the laptop would be very tiny). See showreel images.

Earth fly in - Corporate presentation
My task: Solo job where i had 2 days to create the Globe to a high enough resolution that we could fly into specific countries to fill the screen.

Dubix - TV Commercial
My task: create little chewing gum pieces that explode into juicy big fruit. See showreel images.



Star Gate (Vancouver) 2007

Reaper TV series
My task: Creating very varied effects for this TV show where each episode a new disaster or monster appears. Here i gained a lot of experience with Particles and particle based animations (swarms of bees etc).


Animal Logic (Sydney) 2007

Kids TV cartoon series Pitch
My task: take 2d designed character and make them in the 3D format so that they still hold their charm but function in the 3d world.

BMW TV commercial
My task: cutting a BMW model up into sections to then break off the car while it drives through a desert scene. CAD data model work.



Trixter 2006

'The Wonder of Loch Ness (Das Wunder von Loch Ness)' TV Film
Award: German TV Award for Best Visual Effects
My task: Complete Character creation from model (except low rez base head) all character textures, shaders
and zbrush displacement maps. See showreel images.

'Kinder Surprise' commercial.
My task: Creating an animatable realistic plant that can dance.


Glass Works 2006

'Cailler' Chocolate commercial.
My task: Creating the Chocolate look (with MR shaders) for the Ad also lighting the shots. See showreel images.



Trixter (Munich) 2005

'Charlie 2' TV film
My task: Creating, with Oliver Kirchhoff, the Chalie VW Mini Cooper model with textures to create a photo
real composition of 3D car with live action background and actors. See showreel images.

'Hui Buh' Cinema film.
My task: Character Modeler -Creating the complete body from the Hui Buh character with clothes + accessories. Building facial expression blendshapes for the head with Michael Ernie. See showreel images.

'Barbie Doll' TV appearance.
My task: Creating the Barbie head and textures.

'Weldbild' commercial.
My task: creating all the 3D environments with textures and Letter characters for this commercial spot.

'Astro Generator' 'Kinder Surprise'.
My task: Creating the Astrogen model with shaders lighting animation for a quick action spot.


Animal Logic 2000-2004

'Happy Feet' Cinema film.
Awards: 6 Visual Effects Awards won.
My task: Lead Environment Modeler- I created for 2 years the environments for the Happy Feet film, this was mainly Ice and rocky antarctic environments but also included some buildings and other set props. See showreel images.

'2.5 years commercial dep.'
Awards: A number of Awards were won in the commercial dep. on the Ads i worked on.
For 2.5 years before the Happy Feet film began i created many different models for various commercial jobs for Animal Logic. Models varying from mice, effects, aliens\monsters, large structures, insects etc. See showreel videos.

Infogrames 1999

'LeMans 24hour game'
My task: Creating the 3d racing car models for this Playstation2 game.


Imagine If 1996-1999

Commercials and TV series.
My Task: I modeled, textured and lit many humanoid models and fantasy sets for a period of 2.5 years.