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3D Animation & VFX

Deka 'Mad Queen' (Game of Thrones) (2019) - Advert -

Subject: CG dragon

Company: Be Epic (Berlin)

My role: Creation of the entire dragon: Zbrush sculpt and all textures.

The Zbrush Sculpt:

Dragon Zbursh1

Dragon Zbursh2

Test renders from RedShift - courtesy of bEpic:

Dragon Render1

Dragon Render2

..and here is the full advert video linked below:

'Deka Dragon Ad' Trailer video

NETTO (2019) - Advert -

Subject: Photoreal bears

Company: Trixter (Berlin)

My role: Sculpting a realistic high-res bear with full mouth interior in Zbrush and creating all the blend shapes according to the 'FACS' system (Muscle group based).

The Zbrush Sculpt:

Netto Bear

A still from the final Ad:

Netto Bear

..and here is the full advert video linked below:

'Netto Bärenhunger' Trailer video


Subject: Yeti fur for animals

Company: Daywalker (Cologne)

My role: Creating various fur and feather templates for a range of character types in Yeti. In addition the grooming of several specific characters.

Please see my Yeti fur work in the trailer:


'Latte Igel' Trailer video

CGI Cat - Felini (2015) - Short Films -

Subject: A 3D Cat

Company: Tilman Vogt - Til5.am

My role: Complete character creation (Modelling, Zbrush Sculpting, Shading & Textures, Hair, Lighting and Rendering, Render Pass Setup.

Til needed a realistic cat for his cat stories. Check out the website for more of Felini: http://til5.am/felini/

Rendered stills:

CGI CatCG catCG cat wireframeCG cat wall walkCG cat zbrush

CG Sabre Tooth Tiger (Smilodon) (2014) - Commercial -

Subject: A 3D Sabre Tooth Tiger for a poster and commercial

Company: Rise FX

My role: Complete character creation in 31 days (Modelling, Blendshapes, Displacements, Shading & Textures, Hair, Lighting, Rendering and Composite.

An Austrian coin making company added a Sabre-tooth tiger to their prehistoric coin collection and then required a CG tiger to be made for a commercial and poster.

Rendered stills: more to come soon..

CG Sabre-Tooth TigerCG SabreTooth TigerCG SabreTooth Tiger

CG Baby Digital Double (2014) - Film Pitch Test -

Subject: A pitch to test a CG baby for various shots

Company: Farm Studios

My role: Complete character creation (Modelling, Blendshapes, Displacements, Shading & Textures, Nhair, Lighting, Rendering and passes.

The film pitch was an 8 weeks test to create a CG baby for close up mouth replacement and distant CG baby facial replacement, i created the model based on photos taken on set, made the necessary blendshapes for animation and created the shading and lighting. I used Mudbox for painting the displacement and other maps, then setup each shot with required passes and render settings and managed the renders.

Originally the complete CG baby face was not created to be seen this close, it was created for distant shots and for close-ups we only blended in the areas needed to make the baby talk (see image 1). During production the interest grew to use a complete cg baby face to give the Director more flexibility and we composited a version with the complete CG face to show the production company what was achievable in the short time and at what point the baby would start to look CG (see image 2). You can see that for such close-ups the baby isn`t quite photo real in full CG but we were quite happy with the results for this quick test and look forwards to getting a seamless integration for the final film.

Rendered stills and video (compositing by Jan Hilmar Petersen):

CG BabyCG BabyCG BabyCG Baby

(Image 1) The original plate with CG from under the eyes down.

(Image 2) The original plate with a complete CG face and eyes.

(Image 3) The animated shot with a complete CG face and eyes (Right Click and save to play).

Peugeot 'Wacky Racers' (2013) - TV Commercial -

Subject: Wacky Racers' CG cars for Peugeot Ad

Company: Electric Theatre

My role: Car modelling.

I modelled these two cars which were designed based on the original Hanna Barbera Wacky Races cartoon. To see the whole commercial use this link:

Rendered stills and movies:

'Wacky Racers' commercial video

wacky racerswacky racerswacky racers

wacky racerswacky racerswacky racers

Arles Hall (2012) - Art Display-

Subject: CG Hall creation for art show completed in 22 days

Company: Rise FX

My role: Complete CG hall creation.

I did the modelling accurately to Lidar scans, textures were created from on set shots in varying lighting conditions that needed processing before using as maps in mudbox, rendering in mental ray.

Rendered stills:


Terra X (2012) - TV Show -

Subject: CG animals

Company: Pixomondo

My role: Complete character creation (Modeling, Vray Shaders, Textures, Mudbox Displacements).

I had only 5 days per model to created the Fish (Herring) and Snake (Viper) models with shaders, displacement maps and textures to be used in the Terra X TV show. This was also my first job using Vray.

Rendered stills and movies:


Olsen Gang 2 - In Deep Trouble (2012) - Feature Film -

Subject: Cartoon characters and vehicles.

Company: A.Film

My role: Modelling efficient characters and vehicles.

I created the five cartoony 'Oil Riggers' from one geometry topology, even thought the proportions and features vary greatly i was able to get them to all work with one flexible mesh and therefore saving time, not only with modelling but also for the texturing and rigging departments. The same approach was used for the 'Divers'.

Rendered stills:


Aztec Statue (2012) - Commercial -

Subject: CG statue for a danish fun park commercial.

Company: Animation Invasion

My role: Modelling, Mudbox Painting, Shaders, Textures, Lighting and Rendering (MR).

I created this statue in 2.5 days with a focus on the head and crown.

Rendered stills:


Digital Double Adriana (2010)

Subject: Anatomical and skin study

My role: Complete character creation (Modelling, Shaders, Textures, 'Shave and a Haircut', Mudbox Displacements, Lighting & Rendering.

This was a study of human skin and anatomical form, the purpose being to create a believable 3d digital double. The textures are all 8k and suitable for close ups as seen below. I created the model with Maya, combined photos with hand painting for the skin maps in Photoshop and generated the shaders with the Mental Ray SSS shaders. I created the bump and displacement maps with Mudbox.

Rendered stills (Mental Ray):

Anatomy StudyAnatomy StudyAnatomy StudyVray Test

Mudbox Screen-grabs showing the painted displacement work:

Anatomy StudyAnatomy StudyAnatomy StudyAnatomy Study

The Sinking of Laconia (2010) - TV/DVD film-

Subject: 3D B24 Bomber plane, Laconia passenger ship, U-boats

Company: Rise Fx

My role: Modelling, Shaders, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering.

Reworking and finalizing of the texturing, redoing all shaders for Mental Ray, additional modelling and langing gear modelling detail, lighting and rendering of the B24 Bomber plane. Also for many flight shots not seen here. Lighting of the Laconia ship in a number of shots also with additional modelling and texturing for close-ups.

Rendered stills:


Ritter Rost (2011)

Subject: 3D stereoscopic children's animated feature film

Company: Mark 13

My role: Modelling Supervisor and lead character modeller.

I supervised the modelling team throughout this project. Together with the support of the Afilm team we created allthe characters, sets and props required, i also personally modelled many of the lead characters for the film.

Rendered stills:

Ritter RostRitter RostRitter Rost

Film Previs (2011)

Subject: Film Previs

Company: Double Barrel

My role: Shaders, Textures, Lighting and Rendering (MR).

I was provided with a very simple internet bought house model for the use as a previs set, i retextured and shaded the model for Mental Ray, i lit the sets with candles to add the wanted atmosphere.

Rendered stills:


Borgia (2011) - TV Series-

Subject: 3D Set build

Company: Rise Fx

My role: Modelling.

Modelling of the original St.Peters Square.

Rendered stills:


Das zweite Wunder von Loch Ness (2010) - TV / DVD Film -

Subject: 3D character 'Oki'

Company: Farm Studios

My role: Complete character creation (Modelling, Shaders, Textures, 'Shave and a Haircut', Mudbox/Zbrush Displacements, also additional Lighting).

For this film i created all the 3D characters that make an appearance of which there are three, Oki, Opa and Nessie.

'Oki' i had already created for the first film 'Das Wunder von Loch Ness', but we wanted to improve him as much as possible for the second film as technology and processing power had moved forwards. I made over all many finer changes to the Oki character but the most major are the following: The addition of hair most of Okis body and head is covered in fine hair with the more obvious addition of the beard and eyebrows. New eyes, Okis eye this time around are much closer to human eyes (not from the scale) but from the build, size, bulge and refractive index of the Cornea, shape and texture of the Iris and that for the first time Oki has 'Carunculae' (the fleshy pink balls). Rebuild of the skin shader, all Okis skin textures were rebuild/reworked to give a softer, more believable look.

Rendered stills (Mental Ray):

Das Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch Ness

Das Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch Ness

Das Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch Ness

Das Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch Ness



Tod aus der Tiefe (2008-2009) - TV Film -

Subject: 3D creature

Company: Fish Blowing Bubbles

My role: Complete character creation (Modeling, Shaders, Textures, Mudbox Displacements).

I created all the Environments for this Film. The 3D Sets I built were all deep underwater and such environment as chasms, tunnels and caves. With an increasingly aggressive spiky, edgy look the deeper we travel into them. I used Maya for modeling, Mudbox for high rez Displacement and Normal mapping and the final product was rendered with Mental Ray in Maya.

Rendered stills and movies:




TADT movieTADT movieTADT movieTADT movie


Medion Fly - Commercial (2008) - TV Film -

Subject: 3D Fly

Company: Punchin Pictures

My role: Complete character creation (Modeling, Shaders, Textures, 'Shave and a Haircut', Mudbox Displacements) + Lighting.

I was responsible for the complete creation of this fly in XSI with Mental Ray. Completed in one week.

Rendered stills (Mental Ray):

fly wireframefly



Happy Feet (2004 - 2006) - Feature Film -

Subject: 3D ice/snow landscapes

Company: Animal Logic

My role: Environment Lead Modeler, Zbrush Displacements.

I worked for 2 years in the film department on Happy Feet creating many of the environments throughout the film. I worked on all the major sets in the film.

Rendered stills and wireframes:

Happy FeetHappy Feet - wireframeHappy FeetHappy FeetHappy FeetHappy Feet - wireframeHappy FeetHappy Feet


happy feethappy feet



Der Feind im Schatten 'Wallander' (2010) - Cinema Ad -

Subject: Underwater environment

Company: Punchin Pictures

My role: Underwater look, Uboat shaders, lighting.

For this very tight deadline of 7 uboat shots and 6 typewriter shots within 10 days, there was no time for building a detailed Uboat. We purchased a model online which needed some model fixes and some texture upresing. The water look was created with the Mental Ray 'Parti' shader to create a real volume particle depth that the boat could travel through and which light would effect. Subtle light beams were added also creating a shadow beneath the boat as you would expect. The most time consuming shot was the crash scene (shots 2 and 3) as i needed to simulate a convincing collision and particle sand cloud.

Rendered stills:

Das Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch Ness


3D Wine Glass - Personal Work -

Subject: 3D glass

I created this Wine Glass as an experiment with various Mental Ray glass shaders and HDR images with Mental Ray. The background is a photograph, with the following layers, as seen below, for the final composite.

Layers and final comp:

final compfinal comp



Cailler (2006) - TV Advertisement -

Subject: 3D chocolate environment

Company: Glassworks

My role: Senior Modeler, Surfacer, Lighter.

I joined the Glassworks crew to create the look for this commercial, i created a simple chocolate block that would be multiplied many hundreds of thousands of times in order to create the complex landscapes and characters that would inhabit it. The commercial begins with one block and multiplies itself more and more per shot, the last few scenes became quite difficult to render with such massive polygon counts and animated structures. I needed to find ways to make a simple beveled cube even simpler for rendering, so i experimented with various means to lighten up the render load with such techniques as LOD geometry and swapping the distant blocks with 6 Polygon cubes with a bump to fake a bevel (now Mental Ray has this feature built). We managed to get the renders through without any compromise to the look.

Rendered stills:

Cailler imagesCailler imagesCailler images


Das Wunder von Loch Ness (2006) -TV Film-

Subject: 3D character 'Oki'

Company: Trixter Film

My role: Senior Modeler, Textures + Z Displacements, Shading, and in these test shots lighting also.

I was responsible for the complete creation of this character (except the initial low-rez head), modeling, displacement (with Zbrush), textures and shaders (Maya MR) and the lighting of the shots here.

Rendered stills and Zbrush grabs (Mental Ray):

Das Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch Ness

Das Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch NessDas Wunder von Loch Ness


Charlie 2 (2006) -TV Film-

Subject: 3D Car

Company: Trixter Film

My role: Senior Modeler, Textures, Shaders.

In a team of two, we remodeled the standard Mini Cooper body into the Charlie 2 character, which had many additional parts that specially needed to be built on, such as, eyes, a wooden Compartment, robot arms etc.

Rendered stills:

Charlie 2Charlie 2Charlie 2


Charlie 2 reel


Hui Buh (2005) -Feature Film-

Subject: 3D Ghost character

Company: Trixter Film

My role: Senior Modeler - Hui Buh's body and clothing.

I was responsible for the main character's body and clothing: modeling, displacement (with Zbrush). Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, the displacement maps weren't used in the final renderings, resulting in a somewhat simplified CG looking edge to the cloth.

Rendered stills:

Hui BuhHui BuhHui BuhHui BuhHui Buh

Video: (right click and 'save link as' to view)

hui buh



Personal Projects or small jobs:

Other various old examples:

wal Job Pitch: Quick base mesh of a Whale in 1.5 days.

arm Personal work: An older example of a human anatomy study.

watermelon Dubix: A watermelon using a Subsurface scatter.


Showreel (2000-2002) -TV Advertisements-

Subject: Various older works from Animal Logic -commerical department

Company: Animal Logic

My role: During my 2.5 years in the Animal Logic Commercial Department i worked on a very varied range of Ads: Creating characters, Lighting, Shading, Texturing, Effects shots, Environments, also more specific task like clothing and accessories creation.

Stills from Video (768x576):

gggg1.Gatorade - Gargoyles

aaa2.AGL - Mouse

nn3.Nestle cereals - Alien

tt5.'The Tooth' - Aborigine + Set


My old Animal Logic video reel:

Animal Logic Commercials

Movie breakdown in order of appearance:

1.Gatorade - Gargoyles - Hero gargoyle model, textures/ shaders. Piggy gargoyle 'same', body of Double-header.

2.AGL - Mouse, clothing + accessories - all models and textures except hair and Marilyn dress.

3.Nestle cereals - Alien + ripping Effect + toy- models, slime effect, toy shaders.

5.'The Tooth' (end scene from short film) - Aborigine and Australia set - All models, textures, lighting etc, everything except animation and asteroid effect.






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